My IT Guy was established in 2010 in London by Robin Whiting, and moved to Birmingham in March 2014. In 2018, My IT Guy became a private limited company, and the future is looking very bright!

Robin is a trained professional and a tech enthusiast who has been working in IT since 1998, originally in a large, corporate environment in Essex, and later supporting professionals and small businesses with their IT needs.

He lives in Kings Heath with his wife and their two sons.


No Fix, No Fee

If we don’t have the technical knowledge to solve your problem on-site we won’t charge you a penny. We can’t, in all conscience, charge you only to leave you in the same situation you were in before we visited. In such a case we’ll offer to bring your faulty equipment back to base to work on it more fully, or to go away and research the issue you’re experiencing and contact you with a solution.

If we still can’t fix the problem, let’s say due to faulty hardware, we’ll offer you advice on what needs to happen next and offer to source a replacement component from one of our suppliers. If you chose not to proceed with this solution, then we have to charge you for a proportion of the time spent on diagnosis, but you’ll be completely aware of the situation and know what steps to take to resolve it.



We use motorcycles to cut through the traffic, and aim to be with as soon as possible. If that’s not convenient for you, we’ll arrange a time and arrive when we say we will. No need to hang around and wait.

We’ll be there at the time agreed.


The Best

Whatever your problem, you’re entitled to the best. Our technicians are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) which means they have trained for and passed six examinations in Microsoft technologies including Windows, Office and Exchange.

In addition, they have years of practical experience in troubleshooting all manner of issues and keep themselves abreast of new software, hardware and techniques. You can be sure that the technician who turns up at your door is more than qualified for the job.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately what we’re offering is great service. We care about the work we do and take satisfaction from resolving your problem and leaving with the knowledge of a job well done.

“I love getting to know how a particular small business works, and implementing a better IT system to let that business really move forward. I see a lot of computers which are a source of frustration for people, rather than being efficient tools to let them do the things they need to do.

I’ve trained and worked for large, corporate IT departments, but in 2010 I went back to basics and set up My IT Guy with a very clear, simple focus: to provide a personal, honest, expert service to professionals and small businesses. I visit people who work from home, and businesses who can’t have their own IT staff. For regular clients, my remote management solution is a brilliant time-saver, alerting me of issues before they become problems, and allowing me to get to work immediately.

If you run a small business and are grappling with inefficient email, file sharing, networks or any other IT issue, get in touch and you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved.”

Robin Whiting

My IT Guy

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