Office 365 on the Web

You can access all of your Office 365 services (email, files, shared company files, Teams) from any browser anywhere in the world!

Simply visit and click Sign in.

Enter your company email address and click Next, then your email password and click Sign in.

You’ll be presented with the Office 365 home screen, and shortcuts to the most-used services.


This is where you’ll find your email, contacts and calendars. You can also add any Shared Mailboxes and mailboxes you have delegate access to by right-clicking on Folders in Outlook, then Add shared folder.


This is where you’ll find your personal work files; the Documents, Desktop and Pictures folders from your PC.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote

These are online versions of the applications you’re familiar with. Good for quickly editing a document, spreadsheet or presentation, and for accessing your notes.


If this has been set up for your company, you’ll find your shared company files here. You may know this service as Team Sites, Communication Sites or shared files.


If your company uses Teams, then this is the hub for you, allowing you to chat, access files, video conference and collaborate from a browser.

While you’re at it, click on Explore all your apps and see what else your Office 365 can do for you!

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