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What is Yammer?

Part of Microsoft 365, Yammer is a social network just for your company, though you can invite people from other companies to participate in discussions.

Think of it as Facebook for your business.

You can post status updates, have discussions, share files, create groups and send private messages.

Host live or on demand video events with everyone across the company, anywhere in the world, and on any device, to communicate news and updates.

Yammer is primarily designed for large companies, where finding the right staff member and communicating with disparate colleagues can be difficult. The service can be useful for disseminating news and encouraging discussion in smaller businesses, too.

Getting Started

You can access Yammer by signing in at www.yammer.com using your company Microsoft 365 email address and password. You can also sign in at www.office.com, then click on All apps then Yammer.

There are apps for Windows and Mac which you can download from here. (For Windows you would usually want the 64-bit version.)

On your mobile device, you can install Yammer from the app store, here for your Apple device, or here for Android. Sign in using your company Microsoft 365 email account and password.

Online Resources

Probably the best places to start are the Yammer Video Training and the Yammer Help Centre. For a more hands-on experience, try the Yammer Interactive Demo

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