New computer set-up and data transfer



Setting up a new computer isn’t necessarily as straightforward as manufacturers would like you to believe. Unpacking the computer and plugging it in is one thing, but getting the computer set up in a way that’s just right for you is another.


At My IT Guy we work thoughtfully and carefully to ensure that your new computer is running the best it can and most importantly, is tailored for you. This involves removing the unecessary “value-added” applications and trial software that marketing departments bundle with your new PC, getting the computer linked to your online accounts, your printer and WiFi set up, and installing applications that will be essential to your day-to-day use. We then tweak settings “under the bonnet” to make sure your computer serves you, rather than the other way round.


We’re able to transfer data from your old computer, and organise it on your new one so that’s it’s easy to find and effortless to use. Transferring from an old PC to a new Mac is a doddle (and vice versa), and we can often even recover your data from a computer that no longer works!


The process usually takes an hour. A new computer is an infrequent purchase, and it’s a good investment to get it set up properly at the outset to eliminate frustration and get it working well for the years to come.

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