Centrally designed and managed email signatures with a consistent layout from any device.

Professional and consistent branding

This is such a great addition to our line-up! Currently, you probably have an email signature set up in Outlook, which usually works well enough. Unfortunately, you can’t get that same signature on your phone or tablet, as they don’t allow rich text or logos. If you need to change part of the signature for the company, someone must manually edit it in Outlook on every single computer, one at a time. It’s time-consuming to manage.

With Exclaimer, we design a professional email signature template for your company, in the cloud. As an email is sent out (be it from Outlook, the web, a Mac, a phone, a tablet, wherever) the company signature is appended automatically, pulling individual’s details, such as their name, email address and job title, directly from Microsoft 365 and integrating that unique information into the signature.

The perfect solution

Exclaimer provides the perfect solution for managing high-quality, branded email signatures in Microsoft 365. All email is guaranteed to get a full, dynamic and professional email signature when sent from any device, and also allows for easy management of signature elements such as social media icons, profile pictures, promotional banners and legal disclaimers.

Signatures are consistent for everyone. Because they’re centrally managed, changes for everyone can be made quickly and easily in the cloud. We don’t need to visit or remotely access your computers. It just happens! We can even give you or your marketing people access, so that they can make their own changes, add a seasonal promotion banner, and so on.


Exclaimer signatures are included as part of our managed IT service

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