WiFi Network Extension



It’s a common problem, particularly in larger homes or offices, that WiFi works well near your internet router, but that the signal fades to nothing in rooms which are further away.


We provide a simple and very effective method of extending your network into these outlying areas and ensuring that you get good WiFi coverage throughout your premises.


We use powerline adapters, which effectively use your property’s existing power lines to transmit a data signal between two discrete plug-in devices. It’s a genius idea that works very well, and means you don’t need unsightly cables running across rooms and up the stairs. One device plugs into the wall near your existing router and connects to it with a network cable, the other goes into a suitable location further away, and broadcasts a wireless signal.


We configure the WiFi network in such a way that you can move from one location to the other, and your device will automatically connect to the closest, strongest signal. You don’t even need to ‘tell’ your devices about the new network – they just work.


It’s a low-cost, extremely effective and reliable method.

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